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Notary Public in Birmingham

I am a Notary Public in Birmingham also offering appointments to clients throughout Walsall, Solihull, Wolverhampton and Dudley. I also offer appointments in the West Bromwich area.

I offer appointments at my offices or at a venue to suit you.

I am also a Solicitor at Carltons Solicitors in Birmingham.

Foreign Language clients

I can help clients who speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Gujarati. Other languages can also be dealt with by prior arrangement. Contact me for more information.

I am also practicing Solicitor at Carltons Solicitors Birmingham.

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What does a Notary Public do?

A Notary Public can notarise documents for use all over the world. The documents have to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public appointed by the Court or by Royal Authority. Thenotaries society Notary has to be satisfied that the person signing has been correctly identified and that he or she understands the nature of the document and the legal implications of it. The Notary will witness the signatures and affix their own signature and Seal of Office.

The need for a notary public is dictated by the requirements of the country where the document is to be used. For example, if you wish to buy a property abroad, it is often necessary to give your overseas lawyer power to deal with the purchase. This can be done by means of a power of attorney, which is signed by you in front of a notary. The notary public will confirm your name and identity and sign the document and seal it with their official seal.

As an example, Doctors or Teachers or any one migrating to Austrailia, New Zealand, Dubai or any parts of the Middle East or America will require Documents to be Notarised.

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Notary services for businesses

Many businesses in the UK deal with foreign trade offering exports and imports of both goods and services. We can help with any foreign corporate litigation requiring Notarisation in the UK and abroad.

Insolvency of International companies may also need the services of a Notary Public and communication with different Embassy’s.

A Notary Public can provide the following services for businesses:

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Notary services for individuals

A Notary Public can provide the following services for individuals:

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Pakistani High Commission and Indian Consulate in Birmingham (Overseas Embassies)

Raj Padhiar of Carltons Solicitors is conveniently located within approx 3 miles of the Indian and Pakistani consulates, (Pakistani High Commission) in Birmingham. It is advisable that all documents going to these countries should be Notarised

You can use his services for Overseas Citizen of India Applications, Powers of Attorney, Visa Application, Affidavits and Sponsorship Declaration. He can also help deal with documents for Pakistan Land Matters and Disputes, Pakistani Family Disputes and Deaths.

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Do I need Legalisation or Apostille?

Certain countries may also require the additional step of the document being Legalised. This is a process whereby the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirm the validity of the Notary’s signature and seal. Once this check has been carried out a certificate called an ‘Apostille’ is attached to the notarised document.

The need for Legalisation depends on the country involved and your Notary can advise you on this.

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What identification does a Notary Public require?

To comply with money laundering regulations a Notary must confirm your identity. When attending an appointment with a Notary each person signing the document must provide at least one of the following:

You must also provide proof of your address by one of the following:

When a notary public is acting for a corporate client, evidence of the due incorporation of the company or entity is required. This can be one of the following documents:

In addition to the above, each individual signatory will need to produce one of the identification documents mentioned above.

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Notarisation of Qualifications

Many certificates are often required to be notarised when applying for jobs or any positions abroad. We can have these notarised quickly and efficiently upon the production of the originals. If originals are not available please do call us to see if there is an alternative.

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How much does it cost for notarisation?

The cost will depend on the number of documents to be notarised. To obtain a quote please contact us with the following information:

Please visit the contact us page to obtain a quotation.

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